04 October 2015

better late than never...

Late spring I finished my moody blue. The top was made last summer using the last pieces of my blue vintage linens that were left after making two lap size quilts: sea glass diamonds and cloud 9. It measures 48" * 80" and is hand-quilted with perle cotton no 16 on quilters dream request cotton batting (a favourite). The big baptist fans pattern on the solids part of the quilt was marked using a favourite stensil from Barb Vedder. I used a cotton linen mix for the bigger solid pieces of the quilt. This adds to the weight and also creates a lovely drape. 

The quilt has spent the summer decorating the wall of my dining room. As the seasons change, it is now put away... And I just wanted to share some pictures....

; )

09 July 2015

tag poppin' in ballard

My latest quilt top on the design wall, in the process of being put together.

This is my third time sewing with reclaimed shirts. I think they are a bit more challenging to use than quilting cotton, as they vary in weight and weave. So I went with simple shapes.

I also wanted to make them a bit big to show off the pretty fabrics that are generously gifted from a dear friends stash and joyfully selected on a memorable day of tag poppin' in Ballard, Seattle.
Happy memories in each square of fabric!

The colors is a hommage to LeeAnn's stash and love of a beautiful warm palette. I always admire her way of choosing colors.

The design is simple, 9 patches measures 7.5" finished size.  The medallion / trip around the world variation is inspired by a golden brooch from viking times found in a creek near my grandmothers childhood home. A true fairytale that is now exhibited in the archeological museum in my home town Stavanger. As a stark contrast my grandmother was one of 5 girls raised by their mother with no such luxury. They learned to make do and mend. My grandmother was an excellent cook and a seamstress.  And I was lucky enough to spend time with her and my grandfather in the summertime with my siblings and cousins, completely spoilt on homemade bread and cake, fish from the fjords and fresh vegetables from their patch. This spring we have been spending a lot of time refreshing the gardens of this place, her childhood home, chopping down trees and clearing brush.

Visiting LeeAnn I was privileged to see and touch her quilts and quilts of her good friends in the Rebels quilt group. The softness of those quilts made from recycled shirts are just wonderful!

For me, so many happy things come together in this simple quilt top. tag poppin' in ballard is 67.5" square and I will spend some time wondering about adding a border or not.

The mystery of the struggle accessing my blog and uploading pictures are still not completely solved. It seems like our service provider might not be consistent in providing stable lines. Hopefully there will be more posts this summer. The weather is only good for indoor activities right now...

; )

07 July 2015

technical problems

I am not able to write any post with pictures for the time being. So for the time being I am very quiet. Until problems hopefully will be solved...
Wishing you all a good summer!

01 April 2015

easter treats

Simple blocks, simple playing with colors, .... and some slow hand quilting.
The colors are inspired by the tempting pastels of a favorite easter candy.

The blocks are partly a result of cleaning out the scrap boxes of saved selvedges. And then stripping them of the selvedge. Ending up with a good variety of skinny strips. Adding wider strips out of the bin holding scrappy strips. Then cutting a lot of 2.5" strips of the main color. Here it is yellow for easter. Making sure there's plenty of variety. And sub cutting them into a suitable length for their final measure of 6"squares.

Sewing the blocks was bliss. Easy, just pairing two and two strips. Then connecting them with a middle one. Ironing all the seams to one side. Squaring them up, they look surprisingly pretty. All 50 of them. Finding their place in a few tabletops. Getting in line to be quilted. First and smallest quilt will be done soon. The rest of them will hopefully be part of decorating the table for easter. If not this year then maybe next?

; )

14 February 2015


The first quilt of 2015 started out as a test of a new sizzix die paired with some left over blue backing fabric (the plaid). It was so much fun making the stars and using the trusty old hourglass die as star centers. Playing around on the design wall, I ended up using the stars as the sashing of plain 8" blocks. Wanting it to be a bit bigger, I framed it with the lovely constellation designed by Lizzy House and the bold yellow and blue grid from an old Anna Maria Horner line. 

Ending up at 57" * 60", it is quilted both by machine in the ditch and by hand with perle cotton thread on the lovely Quilters Dream Select (mid weight) cotton batting. I am naming it constellations. Some quilts takes a lot of time to make, this one just happened while playing along. Love that!

Weather around here has been a challenge for outside picture taking. Luckily today my handsome quilt holding husband was a up for the task and managed to hold it straight as an arrow. Sometimes you just have to jump at the chance. Longing for spring and better photo shoots.

Wish you all Happy Valentines Day!

; )

22 December 2014

it's time ...

to swap out the wip on the temporary design wall (in the dining room) with something more in tune with the holidays.

So I thought I would like to share a picture, and at the same time keep a record for the current distribution of house blocks, too...

These lovely, toned down, soft pastel fabric combinations are selected by Trine Bakke, proprietor of Lappemakeriet and author of a few of my favorite quilting books. She has her shop close to Oslo, so it's a bit of a journey to get to visit her there. This spring she brought her shop to the annual meeting of the norwegian quilters association, this year set in Kristiansand, making it a short day trip south of here by train. I spent a lovely day in good company and fell in love with Trines bom called "Husmannsplass". (Hers was in the process of being quilted by hand, I think). Somehow this ended up as my birthday present this year from my sweet husband.

; )

I have been slowly making progress, and enjoying seeing how the palette develops. A few days ago, the last of the houses fabric arrived in the mail, and I started the puzzle of arranging them all, even with 6 blocks not sewn, yet.

Trine provided two ways of making these house blocks, as english paper piecing by hand, or as foundation paper piecing. I tried the tiny paper piecing patches, before switching to sewing by machine. Even if I love doing the hand sewing over paper, this was just too tiny for me! Finished house blocks are 8" and there will be 30 of them. Sashing, cornerstones and border is yet to arrive.

This project has offered a nice change of pace for me this fall. I hope you all have a lovely wip or more in the making. So, from this pretty quiet corner of blogville, I want to wish readers a peaceful and lovely holiday season this year!

; )