30 March 2014


We live under a track of flying crows. Each dusk and dawn they pass our house. A ruddy crowd, and sometimes loud too. Too many to count, and yet of some order. They have inspired the name for my latest finished quilt:

my crows are 55" * 70", machine quilted in simple zig zags across on quilters dream request (thin) cotton batting

For me, the recycled shirts gives this quilt an everyday, casual and simple beauty. Nothing fancy. The black fabric really helps showing up the dust and cat hair... Absolutely not of heirloom quality, but a good utility lap quilt for me. The back is a wider cotton from IKEA, in less than quilters cotton quality. And I am considering giving it some more quilting, as the sparse quilting is already broken in a few places. Probably too much tension on the thread when in use.  As for now the quilted lines are about 3" apart. Considering adding some hand quilting. Might have to wait as I am finishing up my three other partly hand quilted quilts, first.

This sunday is the first day of summer time, and I am happy to capture a sign of spring in the garden:

Wish you a lovely sunday!

; )

21 February 2014

bargello blues

I have one more friday finish I want to share with you:

my bargello blues measures 60" * 72", is quilted on a long arm with my favorite hobbs thermore polyester batting.

Like the popular scrappy trips around the world this bargello pattern is also a classic design that is freely shared by Bonnie Hunter on her Quiltville webpage. I have made a few of these by now. I like how this pattern is easy to sew but still fun as you get to play with color combinations and contrast.

This one has a special recipient in mind. Sometime later this year.

Wish you all a lovely friday!

; )

14 February 2014

the missing u

This weeks friday finish is a popular design from sunday morning quilts by amandajean and cheryl. My second quilt from their book!

the missing u is 72" * 72", quilted on long arm with a lovely quilters dream polyester batting

I started out using mostly larger scraps and ended running out of them before I had made enough blocks for the top. After a while I got the idea to add some blocks pieced from small and really small scraps, too. Love how these small pieces invite you to have a closer look...

The quilt is thick, heavy and warm, very cosy. Look forward to wrap myself up in it. Nothing like having a warm quilt to sit under while watching the winter olympics...

; )

Wish you all a lovely weekend and Happy Valentines Day!

07 February 2014

emerald city

This weeks friday finish is my version of Katy Jones popular pattern scrap vomit:

my emerald city measures 70" * 70"
and is pieced of 1.225 small squares
quilted on long arm with hobbs thermore polyester batting
with a lovely green print from Heater Ross' line Briar Rose on the back...

I think this popular pattern has potential to be a great "I spy" quilt for a kid. You can do lots of fuzzy cutting and then even pick a selected favorite color combination for a lucky kid... Just an idea

; )

Wish you all a lovely weekend. I'll be watching the olympic opening show, hand stitching a new binding and wishing for better weather for the next photo shoot!

31 January 2014


First friday finish of fourteen & a freezing photoshoot:

my edgy outside in the cold, 60" * 72" with hobbs thermore polyester batting

This quilt is part of my using up scrap mission. It was started and blogged last summer. Sewing uneven strips (made when trueing up fabric after pre washing, into strips wof) to paper it was easy and fun making the top. Concentrating on paring up the colors.

I can see fabric from at least 7 different quilts in there, at least 3 of them are quilt backs... A good record of 2013 and even 2012 quilts.

If my stack of quilt tops wasn't piled so high, I would have loved to hand quilt it in perle cotton.  Hopefully there will be another one as there is and will be more strips from trueing up fabric...
This one is quilted by long arm in a favorite pantogram called "hurricane". Love the result!

From my last post you are right to assume it is my lap quilt no 100. Happy to not keep all of them to myself, this one I'm not going to part with. How could I?

; )))

Finish it up in fourteen is to be continued. Wish you all a happy weekend and hope you'll have enough quilts to keep you warm. Or that you lucky ones will enjoy your summer!

27 January 2014


These are the 5 quilts currently waiting for a binding.

Today it's been 6 years since I started this blog.

First one to have a completed binding will be my no 100 lap quilt.

Do you keep count?

13 January 2014

snow day

snow day pillow: 24" * 24"

We are having a blizzard today. A modest blizzard with a minimum of snow blowing outside. What a perfect setup for my first finish of 2014! The hexagons are big, 3" sides. A mix of Heather Ross flannel pajama parts mixed with white and snow cotton. Quilted and wrapped around the pillow with an envelope back / closure. 

hand pieced, machine quilted big stitches in aurifil 40 weight

envelope back with a good sprinkle of snow

Wish you all stay warm on a cold day!